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Where Do You Prefer to Watch Games?

With ticket prices skyrocketing, and home entertainment technology closing the gap with the in-stadium experience, what incentive do casual NFL fans have to buy tickets to games?


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However, I think the sweepstakes brings up a good point - where would you prefer to watch the games on Sunday?

For me, there's nothing better than watching the game on my big screen TV, popping on the red zone channel, and enjoying a relatively cost free experience. And that's become a real concern for the NFL, with the league genuinely concerned that high definition technology could negate the need to buy tickets.

In my opinion, buying tickets to an NFL game is an experienced that is unmatched. My family had season tickets when I was younger, and some of my greatest memories growing up were being there at Foxboro Stadium with my family. Would high definition television really make up for the experience of going to a game such as the infamous Patriots vs. Raiders Snow Bowl? I think not.

At the same time, the NFL does seem to be pricing itself out with its increasingly insane ticket prices. While the league does get a surprisingly large slice of revenue from ticket sales, there's no question that enthusiasm to attend games has been dropping as of late. And while I'd still choose attending an NFL game in person over watching on television, there's little debate that the gap is closing quickly.

Therefore, the NFL does need to do something to incentivize fans to attend NFL games. That'll be one of two things - either dropping ticket prices, or providing fans something at games that is simply unparalleled in the home environment. For me, family and tradition has kept me going to games, despite the skyrocketing ticket prices. For newer and casual fans - I just don't see what the draw is. Wifi integration at stadiums could help enhance the experience to a degree, but I don't see it being enough to overcome the price obstacle.

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