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Patriots vs. Jaguars: 3 Players on Jacksonville to Watch Out For

The Patriots will look to bounce back after a tough 41-34 loss against the 49ers this past Sunday. In order to improve to 11-4, the Patriots will have to travel down to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. Let's take a look at three Jags that the Pats should watch out for.

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For starters, this article might sound like a joke. I mean, three players on the Jacksonville Jaguars to watch out for?

Well you have Maurice Jones-Drew—but he's not playing.

The Jaguars have had a very rough 2012 season as they come into Week 16 with a pitiful 2-12 record as they're currently on a three-game losing streak.

So with the Jaguars struggling all season long, what players will be presented as threats against the New England Patriots as they travel down to Jacksonville this Sunday?

1. Justin Blackmon

For starting off rather slow, this year's fifth overall draft pick is having a pretty decent season for the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

Justin Blackmon has recorded a team-high 51 receptions for 707 yards but has only reeled in three touchdowns.

Blackmon is your typical well-rounded wide receiver that can do it all and could end up being an issue for New England's 29th worst pass-defense.

2. Cecil Shorts

With Aqib Talib likely covering Justin Blackmon all game, then either be Alfonzo Dennard or Kyle Arrington—which both have been shaky at times for the Patriots.

Shorts comes into this week as Jacksonville's leading receiver with 925 receiving yards on 49 receptions while reeling in seven touchdown passes.

Shorts is a surprisingly explosive wide receiver and could prove to be lethal against New England's lackluster secondary.

3. Paul Posluszny

If it wasn't for Paul Posluszny then the Jaguars could very well be win-less at this point of the season. The Jaguars might have the NFL's second worst defense, but Posluszny is one dangerous linebacker.

Posluszny is currently leading Jacksonville in tackles as he enters Week 16 with 122 total tackles while picking off a team-high three receptions and forcing two fumbles.

When Tom Brady goes under-center this Sunday against the Jags, he better be sure to point out where Posluszny is on every play as he's been a tackling machine for most of his professional career.

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