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Week 16 Game Thread: Patriots vs. Jaguars

Official Pats Pulpit game thread for the Patriots vs. Jaguars week 16 match-up.


Yes, the Patriots will go full-throttle against the Jaguars. With two games to go in the regular season - anything can happen. While, on paper, the Patriots are likely to get the #3 seed, it would take just a single loss by the Broncos for the Patriots to once again be on track for a bye.

So while the Patriots can have the luxury to rest starters such as Alfonzo Dennard, Brandon Spikes and Rob Gronkowski - players who could possibly suit up if it were a playoff game - they will go 100% against the Jaguars, and they will play to win, not rest. If you thought otherwise, than you just don't know the Patriots.

On paper, the Patriots are the overwhelming favorites in this one. That being said, there's a reason they play these games, and Jacksonville is a team with nothing to lose. So while anything can happen, I'm taking the Patriots in a land slide. There's just too much pent up emotion from last week's last minute loss to the 49ers. Greg's Prediction: Patriots 38 Jaguars 13

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