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New England Patriots Links 2/01/12 - Pats Back at Practice

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Mark Anderson at Media Day.

On the New England Way: "In New England you are more focused on your job. It's a small town. All that's there is football. We just focus on our job and everyone buys into the concept. You see how we play on Sundays. We are focused and have a set schedule that we go about every day. Everyone buys into the system. Coach Belichick is so smart. He really breaks down our opponents. I just try to soak in knowledge from him. He is one of the best coaches I have been around."

Julian Edelman at Media Day

On playing offense and defense for the first time in his life: "It is exciting. After a game, when you feel like you've contributed to a team win, there is nothing better than that. Anyway that you can help the team, is always awesome."

On preparing for the Super Bowl as an offensive and defensive player: "Depending on the week and stuff, depending on my role in the situation of each game, sometimes I have to be in the offensive meetings, and sometimes I have to be in the defensive (meetings). If I wasn't in the offense, or if I wasn't in the defense, then I will meet with the coach after practice when everyone is gone and kind of get the tips there and prepare myself best for the game."

On Giants WR Mario Manningham's comments about being covered by Edelman: "I am not really worried about what Mario Manningham is saying right now. I am more focused on doing my job, and that is preparing right now. We will see if that opportunity comes ahead of us in the game."

Logan Mankins at Media Day.

On how much pressure there is to block for Tom Brady: "A lot. That's our job and if we don't block for Tom, our offense isn't going to do any good. We know it falls on us to keep him up."

On the key to keeping Tom Brady off the ground: "Just staying on your man, keeping the defensive linemen off them or if they're blitzing, picking those up and just blocking those guys for as long as it takes. For as long as he needs, that's how long we're supposed to block for."

On what the best part about being an offensive lineman is: "Blocking. That's all we do is block, so that has to be the best. We've got it pretty good. I think it's a great job to have and I wouldn't want to play one of those other positions. They have to run too much."