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Randy Moss to Return to Football, Patriots Still "Like Him"

Former Patriots and Vikings receiver Randy Moss is seeking a return to professional football. Earlier this morning, Moss announced via his UStream channel that he would be returning to the NFL in 2012. Now, Mike Florio of is reporting that the Patriots could be interested, and that they've been told that the Patriots "still like him." Florio also states that the Patriots are the "most obvious destination" and that we wouldn't be surprised if "teams lined up quickly" to kick the tires of Moss.

Obviously, this isn't anything concrete, but it is something to speculate about. Ever since the Patriots shipped Moss away during the 2010 season and he was waived by the Vikings just a month later, fans have been enamored with the idea of getting him back.

As you probably know, Moss retired from football prior to this season, but continued to be open about his desire to return to the Patriots. If the Patriots have a mutual interest in Moss, as their article somewhat suggests they've heard, the move would make some sense.

Regardless of your personal opinion of Moss, he showed at the beginning of the 2010 season that he can still command attention deep (which in turn can open up things underneath). Of course, Moss turned 35 today, so it's easy to question how much he still has in the tank. However, if he still is in good shape and is willing to take a significant pay reduction, he could be that deep threat that the Patriots have been missing since he was traded away in 2010.