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New England Patriots Links 2/02/12 - Patriots Defense Confident, 'Caged-up' and Ready to Play

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Dan Shaugnessy gets the word from Larry Bird.

"I’m rooting for the Patriots,’’ said Bird before watching his Pacers beat the Nets Tuesday night. "I always go with the Boston teams, and I could never root for a New York team. Come on!’’

Patrick Chung speaks to the media on the chemistry in the secondary.

"Whoever is out there is going to play. Coach (Bill Belichick) has full confidence in whoever he puts out there. The (Giants) have a very good receiving corps. They have three different kinds of receivers that can make big plays. I think we have a good secondary. We matchup well. It's going to be a battle. We have to try and contain them. We can't stop all three, because they're that good. We're going to try and contain them and do the best we can."

Kyle Love on being at the Super Bowl.

"I never would have imagined this – playing football in the NFL – (having) not been drafted. It has just all come full circle. It is crazy to me. But to be here is a blessing. I enjoy playing for this team and playing my role as a player. Whatever Belichick asks me, (I'll do). I have so much respect for him and I love this team."

Jerod Mayo talks about the team's mood.

"I think this team is ready to go. Everyone is working hard. Yesterday after media day I saw guys in there watching film and they're still studying to prepare for this game. I think the sense of urgency is there and we've just got to keep it going."

"It's like counting down days before Christmas. Guys are very excited and anxious to get on the field."

Brandon Spikes addresses his style of play.

"I haven't changed my game one bit. I approach the game every time like, 'Just play hard,' like every snap is my last."

"I just feel like I'm caged up right now, pacing back and forth waiting. I'm ready. It's hard to explain. Like I said, I'm enjoying all this, you guys. It's fun; it's a great experience. It's something I can tell my kids a long time from now."