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Julian Edelman on Versatility, Covering Cruz, and... Omelets?

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Patriots receiver / defensive back / chef Julian Edelman is a busy man these days. Between spending time in both the offensive and defensive meeting rooms, Edelman has also established himself as quite the chef.

I sat down with Edelman during media access earlier today, and asked him a few questions about his versatility, the team's match-up with the Giants, and his omelet cooking skills. Edelman really provided some great answers and football wisdom, so if you're going to read one transcript from my interviews on site at Super Bowl XLVI, let it be this:

On what versatility means to him:

Versatility, as it's defined, means "to do a lot of things." For me, it means anything you can do to help contribute to the team winning the game. That's mostly the reason why I'm here and I'm excited for the opportunities.

His response to those who doubt his ability to cover receivers:

I really don't worry about what people say. If I'm worrying about that, I'm worrying about the wrong things. I'm more worried about preparing this week for the New York Giants. This is the last game of the 2011 season... or 2012, whatever it is. And that's what I do.

Thoughts on the challenge of covering Victor Cruz in the slot:

Like you said, he's an explosive player. He's got great short area quickness and he's got long speed. He not only plays the slot, he can play outside and he's got good run after catch ability. He's definitely a very good player and we have our hands full.

On how NFL career has progressed based on his initial expectations and his development as a receiver:

I'm still learning; the day you're done learning is the day you're done. I don't really think about my career in the past, I think about this week, right now. And once this season's over I'll go back and I'll evaluate what I have to do better for the upcoming season.

Based on all of his recipes and good things to eat posted on Twitter, what his best omelet is:

I can make a killer sweet potato casserole omelet, little thing, where you sauté the onions and all that stuff. I like to do that, but I literally just throw whatever I have in the kitchen into the omelet. I enjoy making those breakfasts and they're pretty tasty.