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Brandon Lloyd Discusses Joining the Patriots

Ever since the Patriots re-hired offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in January, there has been a multitude of speculation that wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who saw tremendous success in 2010 and 2011 under McDaniels, could join the Patriots.

After all, the Patriots showed interest in Lloyd before last season's trade deadline and prior to when the Patriots even hired McDaniels, Lloyd said that he would consider following McDaniels wherever he went.

Today, that speculation has finally turned into something tangible. During an interview on PFT Live earlier this afternoon, Lloyd directly expressed an interest in joining the Patriots:

"Yes, I find that very interesting. I would like to entertain that and see where that goes. There is no bones about that. I've been very successful in Josh McDaniels' offense. I really admire Tom Brady. I admire that organization and how they run things over there. I'd definitely be interested in hearing how I could possibly fit into that equation."

Lloyd also talked about the possibility of re-joining the Rams and really seemed open to anything. While joining the Patriots seems like a real interest of his, he doesn't seem set on one destination. So what does this mean?

Well, if the Patriots want to go get Lloyd and they can match some of his more intriguing offers, the "McDaniels factor" could certainly be the tipping point to get Lloyd to New England. Of course, the price would have to be right and we don't know if the Patriots will truly still be interested (as they were in October).