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Brady's Mentor, Tom Martinez, Dies at 66

Very sad news tonight. According to WCVB-TV in Boston, Tom Martinez, Tom Brady's personal quarterback coach, passed away today at the age of 66. According to the report, Martinez suffered a heart attack during a dialysis session:

Quarterback coach and Tom Brady mentor Tom Martinez has died after a heart attack suffered during a dialysis session. Martinez was 66.

Patriots quarterback Brady recently used his Super Bowl platform to renew talk about the importance of organ donations on behalf of Martinez.

Martinez, who lived in California, was in need of a kidney transplant after complications from diabetes.

We obviously wish Brady, Martinez' family, and all close to him the best.

There's no question that Martinez, who has worked with Brady since meeting him at a camp at age 13, has had profound impact on those he coached and knew.

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman went to Twitter to express his feeling on the loss:

RIP coach Tom Martinez. He was such a great mentor to many in the bay area. His legacy will always live on.

Rest in peace.