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New England Patriots Links 2/25/12 - Weekend Bonus Edition: NFL Combine, Day 3

<em>Andre Carter would love to sign a multi-year contract and finish his career with the Patriots</em>.
Andre Carter would love to sign a multi-year contract and finish his career with the Patriots.

Mike Reiss gives us some quick hits from Day 2 of the Combine. Here's one:

1. Patriots dipping toe into talks. The club is using this time, where many agents are in town for their annual NFL Players Association meeting, to touch base with agents for their players scheduled to hit the unrestricted free agent market. In some cases, there have been sit-down meetings. This highlights how the combine is about more than just the prospects for the Patriots; the team has a few different footballs in the air.

Mike Sando (ESPN) Rams' Snead believes in Patriots' way.

"I think the Patriots are a difference-making organization," Snead said, noting that the Patriots own more regular-season victories than any team over the past four seasons. "What you will find with them is they are going to believe that teams win championships, individuals don't. Everything they do, whether it's the type of plate that is in the cafeteria to the type of scouting grading scale you have, they want to have a competitive edge in that area. That is what you learn. There is a lot of innovative thought that goes into the logistics and processes of putting it all together."

Mike Reiss shares a humorous take from Rams coach Jeff Fisher on the scheduled game vs. the Patriots in London in 2012.

"When it was released and announced, we were very excited. It’s a great opportunity. If you're going to play the Patriots, it's best not to play them in North America," Fisher said at the NFL combine, drawing laughter from reporters.