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NFL Combine: Saturday Impressions

Saturday's workouts are in the books and here's a look at some prospects for the Patriots:

(Click here for all combine results)

Georgia center Ben Jones ran a little slow in the 40 Yard Dash (which is actually important for most positions), but he was just as fast as top prospect guard David DeCastro. On the other hand, his 3 cone drill was far from spectacular. Jones was above average in the bench press, vertical jump, and the broad jump. He looked very good in his drills, which matches how he is as a player: an above average, but not elite, athlete with extremely sound fundamentals.

Wisconsin center Peter Konz put up 18 on the bench press (extremely low), and is recovering from an injury so he didn't participate in anything else.

Ohio State center Michael Brewster was extremely limited as an athlete (no explosion). He hasn't helped himself, in my opinion.

Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler continues to impress as a vicious guard prospect and could be rising due to his versatility. He was athletic and has the grit to be an elite run blocker (something the Patriots expect out of their right guard).

The star was Georgia's Cordy Glenn. Glenn is a projected guard, but showed he has enough athleticism to potentially play tackle (read: Marcus Cannon). Glenn is 345 lbs, but moves extremely well with the weight. If the Patriots paired Glenn with Cannon, there's no way any team could move them.

Lafayette tight end Ladarius Greene was the athletic stud many expected him to be. He was great catching the ball and at 6'5.5, Greene could present a mismatch all over the field.

Oklahoma tight end James Hanna was also impressive in shorts at 6'3, 252 lbs and could be a solid prospect. His tape might not back it up, but he's a potential riser.

Missouri tight end Michael Egnew had, in my opinion, the most impressively athletic day. He dominated the field in the broad and vertical jumps, showing off his explosion. However, his bench press was low (21). Still, he has questions around translating his ability to the field. Could be another Ben Watson sort of question mark- flashes of talent, but concerns about putting everything together.

Stanford tight end Coby Fleener and Georgia tight end Orson Charles didn't participate, while Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen hurt his stock (in my opinion) with an abysmal 4.89 40 time and low numbers across the board. These are the big three tight ends.


There are plenty of shorter (5'9-5'10) receivers in the draft. Arkansas' Joe Adams (179 lbs), Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles (192), Florida International's T.Y. Hilton (183), Toledo's Eric Page (186), Arkansas' Jairus Wright (182), and Baylor's Kendall Wright (188). All are potential prospects for the Patriots.

There are fewer medium (5'11-6'1) receivers. Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon (207), California's Marvin Jones (199), Ohio State's DeVier Posey (211), Rutger's Mohamed Sanu (211), and Wisconsin's Nick Toon (215).

This is the year, if any, that the Patriots go for a big receiver. There are plenty of top prospects between 6'2-6'4. Arizona's Juron Criner (224), Notre Dame's Michael Floyd (220), Texas A&M's Jeff Fuller (223), Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill (215), South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery (216), North Carolina's Dwight Jones (230), Iowa's Marvin McNutt (216), Appalachian State's Brian Quick (220), LSU's Rueben Randle (210), Arizona State's Gerrell Robinson (227), and Miami's Tommy Streeter (219).

Look for players to separate themselves from the rest and expect the Patriots to draw from the 2nd tier of players.