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NFL Combine: Sunday Impressions

The combine continued as the scores for the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs rolled in and the sizes for all players are now out.


I doubt the Patriots are interested in the quarterbacks in the draft, but Robert Griffin III posted an absurd 4.4 40 time. RGIII definitely placed himself towards the top of the draft as his athleticism definitely matched his on-field production. Even more impressive, in my mind, was the athleticism that Andrew Luck showed off. If RGIII was the most athletic quarterback, I'd say that Luck was the second best- and as a pocket thrower, that athleticism is just gravy.

Running Backs

I also doubt that the Patriots are interested in top running back prospects either, but their numbers are out as well. While Trent Richardson and Lamar Miller abstained from full participation, here are some of the big winners according to my projections:

Name: Projected Score

2nd Half First Round

David Wilson: 8.0

1st Half Second Round

*LaMichael James: 7.5

Robert Turbin: 7.5

2nd Half Second Round

**Doug Martin: 6.75

Bernard Pierce: 6.5

Third Round

*Isaiah Pead: 6.25

***Chris Rainey: 6.25

Cyrus Gray: 6.25

Chris Polk: 6.0

Mention: Terrance Ganaway scored a 5.75 (early 4th round)

* - Each star represents exceptional shiftiness of the player.

So there's that to look at. If any of these players fall to the 4th round, I wouldn't be upset if the Patriots kicked the tires. Keep in mind that as the official numbers come out, these grades will change.

Wide Receivers

Notre Dame's Michael Floyd showed off why he deserves to be a first round pick. He was smooth and he showed off his elite athleticism. Add in the on-field success and he's a great football player.

Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill was impressive in shorts. He's an elite vertical receiver and teams will not be able to single-cover him when he takes off down the field. He has great hands and is a huge specimen. However, he's a one-trick pony and needs to work on literally every other aspect of his route-running. He's not a sideline threat and he's better off in a less-timing based offense than the Patriots have.

A group of receivers, California's Marvin Jones (6'1.5, 200, 4.47 40, 4.11 shuttle, 6.81 3 cone, 33" vertical, 9'4 broad), Toldeo's Eric Page (5'8.5, 185, 4.53, 3.98, 6.95, 30", 9'4), Iowa's Marvin McNutt (6'2.5, 215, 4.42, 4.07, 7.15, 37", 10'2), and Stanford's Chris Owusu (6'0, 195, 4.31, 4.11, 6.85, 40.5" 10'9) all stood out as solid prospects. Great hands with great route running mean great fits for the Patriots offense.

Quickness: Page, McNutt, Owusu, Jones

Speed: Owusu, McNutt, Jones

Size: McNutt, Jones

Explosion: Owusu, McNutt

Personally, I feel like Owusu and Jones would combine into the perfect prospect and I wouldn't be against the Patriots spending draft picks on both of them. Still- McNutt is a great prospect and Page is as intelligent as they get. Owusu has an injury history of concussions which is a negative mark, while the other three are solid 3rd round prospects.

One final prospect I'd like to point out is Virginia Tech's Danny Coale. Coale is a 7th round/UDFA prospect who really showed up to play at the combine. Standing at 5'11.5, 200 lbs, Coale is a big enough player to make a deep sideline impact. He runs a 4.4 40 with a 6.69 3 cone (the best 3 cone out of receivers at the combine). He may not be as explosive as other receivers (9'7 broad, 35" vertical), but he runs crisp routes and showed off exceptional hands. He's definitely worth another look.


What did you see?