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New England Patriots Links 2/03/12 - Waters the Bridge Over Troubled O-Line

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Paul Perillo sits down with Dante Scarnecchia and gets the scoop on what makes Brian Waters so special.

"Over the last month, when we had all those guys hurt – [Matt] Light, [Logan] Mankins – he was the bell cow. He stepped forward. In the Miami game, he was the only guy. He had more years experience than all those guys [in the game at the time] combined. And he’s the guy on the sideline saying, ‘Here’s what we have to do, here’s how we have to do it, everybody’s got to shut up and communicate, do it the right way, reduce all the talking.’

And he got them going on the field, to his credit, down 17-0 and we’re standing there saying ‘holy [expletive], we’re in trouble.’ We got no Light, no Mankins, [Nate] Solder is over there [at left tackle], Marcus [Cannon], he just finished chemotherapy three months earlier – ‘Marcus, get in at right tackle’ – I’m not saying that other than to say ‘Hey, this is looking pretty [bad] right now.’ And Brian’s got ’em all on the sideline saying, ‘C’mon, we got to do this.’ And then we start having some success and it starts working out. That’s the stuff you love."

Logan Mankins is asked about the Giants trash-talk this week.

"I'm not surprised. We've played these guys a few times now, you kind of can expect this from their side. I don't blame them for being confident and wanting to win. We would love to have a big parade for our fans too. We know only one team can win and it's either going to be our fans or their fans. We'll just have to wait and see. Football is about making your statement on the field. The game is on the field. It's not during the week, or in practice, or through the media, it's on Sunday in that three hour block. We'll see who does the talking this weekend."

Ian Rapoport asks Joe Montana what he appreciates from Brady’s game.

"His ability, getting the ball out of his hand, making quick decisions. He’s the kind of guy that takes what you give him," Montana said. "And that’s how you last in this league. That’s what he does the best. He’s going to find a weakness and that’s why the key for the Giants is you got to make him move. "You can’t let him stay in there, he’ll kill you."