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The Most Generic Super Bowl XLVI Preview... Ever

Super Bowl XLVI will feature two good teams... so we hear.
Super Bowl XLVI will feature two good teams... so we hear.

When your favorite team is in the Super Bowl, you know you're bound to hear the same story over and over again. For the past two weeks, Patriots fans have heard nothing but "Super Bowl XLII," "Rob Gronkowski's ankle" and "Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady." So with Super Bowl XLVI, which features the New England Patriots and New York Giants, set to kick-off at 6:29 PM ET tomorrow, here is the most generic Super Bowl preview you will ever see... bullet-style:

  • This is a Super Bowl XLII re-match from the 2007 season, when the Giants beat the then undefeated Patriots 17-14. Both teams have the same head coach and same quarterback, and the Giants sacked Tom Brady a lot. And that David Tyree guy made some catch. And there's a few other dudes left from that game.
  • Will Rob Gronkowski play? Bernard Pollard injured his ankle in the AFC Championship. Now, although every report strongly indicates he will play, we're left to wonder whether or not this guy will play.
  • Can the Patriots stop the Giants pass rush? That's how the Giants beat the Patriots in 2007, and Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck are still there, so you know... can they stop them? That sounds important.
  • The New York Giants are one of the hottest teams in football right now. They've played well recently. It's been pretty cool to watch if you're a Giants fan.
  • The Patriots have a good offense and suspect defense. Tom Brady can put up points at will, but the Patriots defense might not be able to stop the Giants offense.
  • Wait... did you hear the Patriots defense was ranked 31st in the NFL? That's like the 2nd worst possible spot to be. Wait! Can they stop the Giants passing game? That could be a problem!
  • I hear Eli Manning is good in the clutch. Is he better than Tom Brady in the clutch? That's something to watch, I guess.
  • These are two evenly matched teams.
  • The Giants won in week nine, but both these teams are better since then. But seriously, the Giants won in week nine. Does that game have any impact on tomorrow's Super Bowl match-up?
  • Can the Giants stop the Patriots tight ends? I hear that Hernandez guy is pretty good as well.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to leave your own "generic preview" storylines below.