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Patriots Release WR Underwood, Promote DE Silvestro from Practice Squad

No more high-top fade!?!?
No more high-top fade!?!?

The Patriots have made a roster move on the eve of Super Bowl XLVI. Earlier this evening, the team announced that wide receiver Tiquan Underwood has been released, with the team promoting defensive end Alex Silvestro from the practice squad.

The move is a bit surprising on the eve of the Super Bowl, and makes you wonder if the Patriots will be without a defensive lineman for the Super Bowl, since there would be no point in promoting Silvestro if he wasn't active. The Patriots also could be promoting Silvestro in preparation of playing more 4-man fronts, as Silvestro is seen as more of a "traditional" 4-3 defensive end.

As for Underwood, I imagine it has to be heartbreaking to be released on the eve of the Super Bowl. But that's the NFL for you: it's a business, even during Super Bowl week.

Of course, Underwood's release likely indicates that receiver Chad Ochocinco, inactive after the passing of his father last week, will be active for Super Bowl XLVI. How much he plays, of course, is still up in the air.