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Super Bowl XLVI Game Thread #2: Patriots vs. Giants

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Super Bowl XLVI Game Thread #2

New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 | 6:29 PM ET | TV: NBC

Giants Coverage: Big Blue View

First quarter thoughts:

  • Patriots gained momentum by forcing two sacks on three consecutive plays for a loss to stop the Giants on their opening drive. Then the Patriots blew that momentum, when Brady had a terrible no-decision that led to an intentional grounding.
  • Un-Patriot like mistake on the Giants next drive. Sterling Moore forces the fumble that leads to Pats turnover, but team had 12 men on the field. Two plays later, Giants score a touchdown and the Patriots are in a 9-0 hole early.
  • Fortunately, the offense seems to be settling down, getting a nice drive going to end the first quarter. The 9-0 start is not what the Patriots were looking for, but this game is very far from being over.