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Super Bowl XLVI Game Thread #4: Patriots vs. Giants

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17 - 15

Super Bowl XLVI Game Thread #4

New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

Sunday, February 5th, 2012 | 6:29 PM ET | TV: NBC

Giants Coverage: Big Blue View

Thoughts through three quarters of Super Bowl XLVI:

  • Awesome opening drive for the Patriots to begin the second half. 8 plays, 79 yards and a Tom Brady to Aaron Hernandez touchdown. It completed the "two for one," as the Patriots scored a touchdown to close out the first half.
  • On the Giants first drive, the Patriots once again give up a lot of yards, but step up when they're backed up, holding the Giants to just a field goal.
  • After a Patriots three and out, the Patriots rose to the occasion on defense once again, giving up a lot of yards but holding the Giants to another field goal after a huge Rob Ninkovich sack on third down from the Patriots' nine yard line.
  • The third quarter comes to a close with the Patriots up 17-15 and with the ball. How we define the Brady-Belichick era could come down to the next 15 minutes of football. LETS GO PATS!