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Super Bowl XLVI Post-Game Thread: Punched in the Stomach

Editor's Note: Apparently this didn't post an hour ago when it was originally scheduled. Just got back to the media center. Sorry for the hiccup.

A last second lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants for the second time in four years. Yeah, it sucks.

Looks like that hail mary almost went down.

But alas, the 2011 season is over.

I think we'll move on from this one as quick as possible. Although I will say this: the legacies of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are tainted. As great of a season as this was, the Patriots just couldn't make the big plays down the stretch despite leading nearly entire second half

I'm going to head down to the locker room, not sure how to treat this one.

The Patriots had so many opportunities to win this game, but they just couldn't take advantage. They had the long drive in the fourth quarter, but Tom Brady couldn't hit a wide open Wes Welker to seal the deal.

Use this thread to vent. Use it to reflect. Use it to curse.

And... oh yeah, trolls better stay away. We're going to be quick to ban "unruly fans."