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NFL Announces First Round Draft Order: A Look at Patriots 2012 NFL Draft Selections

The NFL has announced the first round order for the 2012 NFL Draft.
The NFL has announced the first round order for the 2012 NFL Draft.

We're officially onto NFL Draft season, with the NFL Combine surprisingly only two short weeks away. That being said, the NFL has officially announced the 2012 Draft Order (although we already knew where the Patriots would be picking after they lost to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday). It's important to note that the 8/9 picks (Dolphins and Panthers) and the 11/12 picks (Chiefs / Seahawks) still will have to be decided by coin toss. Here are the Patriots picks:

2012 NFL Draft Order: Round 1

1. Indianapolis Colts

2. St. Louis Rams

3. Minnesota Vikings

4. Cleveland Browns

5. Tampa Bay Buccanneers

6. Washington Redskins

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Miami Dolphins or Carolina Panthers

9. Miami Dolphins or Carolina Panthers

10. Buffalo Bills

11.Kansas City Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks

12. Kansas City Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Dallas Cowboys

15. Philadelphia Eagles

16. New York Jets

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)

18. San Diego Chargers

19. Chicago Bears

20. Tennessee Titans

21. Cincinnati Bengals

22. Atlanta Falcons

23. Detroit Lions

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

25. Denver Broncos

26. Houston Texans

27. New England Patriots (from Saints)

28. Green Bay Packers

29. Baltimore Ravens

30. San Francisco 49ers

31. New England Patriots

32. New York Giants

Patriots draft analysis after the jump!


Patriots 2012 NFL Draft Picks

The Patriots will obviously also have other picks. Currently, the entire New England slate of picks look like this:

Round 1, Pick 27 (From Saints)

Round 1, Pick 31

Round 2, Pick 48 (From Raiders)

Round 2, Pick 63

Round 3, Pick 94

Round 4, Pick ?? (will be finalized once compensatory picks are announced


Draft Pick Analysis

It's not hard to decipher the common theme from the Patriots' picks in this draft - they're top heavy. With four picks in the first two rounds, the Patriots will be poised to add some significant talent early, while also being able to maintain maneuverability. While I wouldn't be shocked if the Patriots used both of their first round picks, they could also be a candidate to move up or even move out in a similar deal to the one the team made with the Saints in 2011 (picked up a 2nd rounder in that draft, their first this year).

The thing that concerns me is the lack of draft picks in the later rounds. The Patriots don't pick again after the fourth round, and while they could pick up a pick or two via compensatory picks, I think the team would be better off trading back at some point to fill out the draft board in those areas.