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Randy Moss Signs with 49ers

Randy Moss with the Patriots in 2010.
Randy Moss with the Patriots in 2010.

Until he officially retires and is out of the league for more than a year, many Patriots fans will probably clamor for future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss to return the Patriots. Who can blame those fans? After all, Randy provided fans with three and a half really exciting and historic years of football.

Therefore, when Moss announced that he would come out of retirement last month, media and fans alike made the Moss-to-Patriots connection and many even went as far as to call the Patriots "favorites" to land him (mostly due to Moss' admitted interest in signing with the team, not an interest on the Patriots part). But heck, I'll admit that even I was a bit intrigued.

Well, you can officially forget that connection... for 2012 at least.

Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Randy Moss has agreed to terms with the San Francisco 49ers. The news was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter. The deal will reportedly be for one year.

You've got to feel good for Moss, as he lands on a real contender in the 49ers. I might be in the minority, but I really do believe he still has the ability to make a difference for that team.

And, from a Patriots perspective, there's a twist: The Patriots will host Moss' 49ers during the 2012 season. Meaning that, assuming Moss sticks with the team, we will have one more Moss-Patriots media go around.

Should be fun.