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Buffalo Bills Pick Up Former Texans DE Mario Williams

Adam Schefter reports that the Buffalo Bills have signed former Texans DE Mario Williams. Williams is a monster of an athlete who has the ability to play in a multiple front scheme. He's a franchise-type defensive player who not only bolsters the Bills defense, but puts the Bills defense towards the top of the division.

The 27-year-old Williams stands at 6-6 and weighs 285 lbs. He runs a 4.7 40 yard dash and is just a freak on the field. He's a fierce pass rusher who commands attention of the opposing offensive line. The only real downside for the Bills is the hefty contract (6 years, $100m/$50m guaranteed) and the fact that he's been placed on the injured reserve each of the past two seasons.


Williams joins sophomore Marcel Dareus and stalwart Kyle Williams to provide the front of potentially the most dangerous defensive line in football. While the Patriots don't draft in response to how other teams have drafted, it may be wise for the Patriots to continue to improve their offensive line in order to keep quarterback Tom Brady healthy.

The Patriots will have their hands full on the interior as left guard Logan Mankins needs to re-find his high level of play and the center and right guard positions remain wide open. Don't be surprised to see the Patriots invest another high draft pick on the offensive line in the form of an elite interior lineman. The offensive line functions as a cohesive unit as the guards and center often support where needed. If the quality of the support is low, then Brady will be unable to step into the pocket and the offense will most likely stall.

Williams is a game changer in the AFC East and could elevate the Bills to the top of the division. On the other hand, they are the Bills and they'll just as likely find a way to end up 5-11. One thing's for sure: the Bills defense just became a lot more dangerous.