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Colts WR Reggie Wayne Decided Between Colts and Patriots

The Patriots have been in the market for a wide receiver and Colts WR Reggie Wayne was a very solid option. Wayne is an outside receiver who runs excellent routes and would be exactly what the Patriots need in their offense. However, Wayne has already re-signed with the Colts.

Jeff Howe reported that Wayne narrowed his decision down to four teams and then to two teams. Wayne reportedly said, "Colts fans don't wanna (sic) know who the other team was." There was some conjecture as to which team Wayne could be referring to, but Greg Bedard cracked the case:

Reggie Wayne hinted in his online journal the Patriots were a finalist to sign with's true, they were.

It's interesting to see the Patriots showing interest in two Colts receivers (Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez), but that just speaks to the quality of offense in Indianapolis. It goes to show that the Patriots have been doing their job of offering contracts to cost-effective free agents and not breaking the bank- and it's why the team is able to be so successful year-in and year-out.

I'm happy for Colts fans that their star receiver is staying in town. I'll also cross my fingers as the Patriots keep searching for their outside wide receiver.