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Patriots Sign WR Anthony Gonzalez

The Patriots have announced the signing of wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez visited the Patriots on Thursday and must have passed his physical examination.

Gonzalez is the former first round pick of the Indianapolis Colts, but injuries derailed his promising career. He represents a fantastic mix of speed, concentration, and route running ability. Standing at 6-0, 195 lbs, Gonzalez is one of the bigger targets on the Patriots roster as they look to add more size at receiver.

Gonzalez missed the 2009 season with a knee injury, the 2010 season with an injury to the other knee, and was hampered during the 2011 season with a groin injury. While he's injury prone, he has extremely high boom potential.

If Gonzalez can remain healthy, the Patriots just picked up a great receiver. If he can't remain healthy, I'm sure his contract won't be of too much value and he can be easily cut. As of now, it's a low risk deal with fantastic upside. He has played with Peyton Manning and understands that playing with Tom Brady will have similar demands- and I'm sure he can handle it.

Gonzalez played a lot of slot in Indianapolis, runs a 4.4 40, and has a 6.54 3 cone, which means that he has the ability to play inside and outside. He could be insurance in case Wes Welker doesn't sign long term, but Gonzalez could add a more vertical game to the receiver position. During Gonzalez's peak season (2008), he averaged a 2:1 ratio of short passes to intermediate (<10 vs 10-20). Welker posted a 4:1 ratio this past season.