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Patriots Sign OLB Trevor Scott

Adam Schefter reports that the Patriots have signed outside linebacker Trevor Scott to a one year deal. Scott is a 6-5, 255 lbs, 27 year old who can run a 4.55 40 yard dash. He has spent his career with the Oakland Raiders and notched 5 sacks as a rookie and 7 sacks as a sophomore. Over the next two seasons, his numbers dwindled as he tore his ACL at the end of 2010 and he wasn't back in form during the 2011 season.

Scott is another potential low risk, high reward player in the mold of receiver Anthony Gonzalez and outside linebacker Mark Anderson- reclamation projects who stood out their first couple of seasons, yet still have plenty of potential. Scott's injury in 2010 had residual effects in 2011 as ACL injuries typically take a couple seasons for the player to return to their former level of play.

Scott matches the profile of a typical Patriots outside linebacker and can provide additional depth on special teams. He looks to be the back-up of Rob Ninkovich (who didn't have any real back-up last season), and also, according to Michael Lombardi, line up across from Ninkovich when needed. Scott provides insurance in case Anderson signs elsewhere and could also be another diamond in the rough pick-up.

Hopefully Anderson signs back with the Patriots, but luckily the team isn't sitting on their laurels and have come up with an alternative action plan. Overall, a good, but not team changing pick-up. Scott will be a depth and special teams player, unless an injury forces him into the spotlight.