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Patriots Sign WR Brandon Lloyd

EDIT: Lloyd's contract is 3 years for $12 million, according to Jason La Canfora. That's extraordinarily cheap in this receiver market. Great deal for the Patriots.

The Patriots have had a big day. In addition to signing LB Trevor Scott and WR Anthony Gonzalez, the Patriots have signed big fish WR Brandon Lloyd. Lloyd has been linked to the Patriots all season and it's now official, according to Adam Schefter. Lloyd was debating between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots, but his draw to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was too strong for the 49ers to trump the Patriots offer.

Lloyd is 6-0, 192 lbs, with a 4.6 40 yard dash. Despite being drafted in 2003, Lloyd didn't emerge until 2010 when he had a mega-season with the Denver Broncos of 77 receptions, 1448 yards, and 11 touchdowns. Lloyd was traded to the Rams during the 2011 season, where McDaniels was offensive coordinator, and continued his success.

Lloyd believes that McDaniels can find a role for him on the Patriots and there is proof as Lloyd's best two seasons have been under McDaniels' watch. Lloyd will most likely assume the role of the #2 receiver as Lloyd fills the Patriots most needed role to the "t"- Lloyd is an outside threat who can make catches at all levels of the field. He complements Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Aaron Hernandez perfectly.


Don't expect another 77/1448/11 season from Lloyd. The past two seasons, Lloyd's been the unquestioned #1 receiver with both the Broncos and the Rams, which has led to a high number of looks. He had to share the ball with #2/3 receivers Eddie Royal and Jabar Gaffney in Denver, but was the only real receiver in St. Louis. Lloyd will be the #4 target (possibly #3) behind Welker, Gronkowski and, maybe, Hernandez. Expect his numbers to drop to more reasonable 50 receptions, 800 yards, and 5 touchdowns. That's a very solid season for a #2 receiver and that's what Lloyd will be for the Patriots- a very solid receiver.