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New England Patriots Links 3/19/12 - Patriots' Patience Pays in Free Agency; Team Shores Up All Sides

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Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski now have a blocking brother in TE Daniel Fells, who just <a href="" target="new">signed with the Pats today</a>.
Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski now have a blocking brother in TE Daniel Fells, who just signed with the Pats today.

Matt Bowen (Nat'l Football Post) With Lloyd, it won't be easy to game plan for Patriots.

The point here is pretty simple: adding a vertical player such as Lloyd forces opposing defensive coordinators to re-evaluate how they prep for New England.

... I said Cover 2 above, but we could also throw Cover 4 (quarters), Cover 1 (man-free), Cover 7 (combination man), etc. into the discussion as well. Every coverage is suspect when you have a player that can flip the field on top of the talent the Pats already have on the roster.

And thinking about it today, if Lloyd does have the impact everyone expects in the Patriots offense, finding a coverage or scheme to match New England’s multiple alignments, personnel groupings and play makers just got a lot tougher.

I give the Patriots a lot of credit here. They targeted (and added) a player to upgrade their offense at a bargain price (3-years, $12-million). And considering the amount of cash we saw thrown at the WR position this past week in free agency, the Patriots made the smart move.

Nick Underhill reports BenJarvus Green-Ellis was at the MassMutual Center Friday night to drop the opening puck for the Falcons game. He says he would like to remain in New England, but is listening to all offers.

"It's a different process. It's not something that I've been through," Green-Ellis said Friday at the MassMutal Center, where he dropped the puck for the game between the Springfield Falcons and Portland Pirates. "I don't know what's going to happen. I just have to sit back and wait for things to unfold."

"It's not a perfect world," Green-Ellis said when asked if he'd like to remain a Patriot. "I just know that both sides are working on it and hopefully things get done."

He also has seemingly created a second career for himself by touring the country and taking part in the pre-game ceremonies at various sporting events. Besides dropping the puck for the Falcons, he stopped by the Atlanta Braves' spring training facilities in Florida last week to throw out the opening pitch for a game against the New York Yankees.

Green-Ellis said that dropping the puck was nothing compared to throwing out the opening pitch, but he wasn't nervous for either one because he knew he could deliver in both instances.

Did he throw a strike at the baseball game?

"Oh yeah," he said with a smile. "I threw a strike."