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Patriots Sign WR Donte Stallworth

Yahoo's Jason Cole breaks the news. The Patriots are bringing back former 2007 speedster wide receiver Donte Stallworth on a one year deal. After performing as one of the Patriots top weapons in 2007, Stallworth has bounced around the league to little or no success.

Stallworth is a 31 year old, 6-0, 200 lbs receiver who ran a 4.29 40 yard dash in college. He's bounced around the league and has missed time due to off-the-field incidents.

As the contract is a one year deal, I expect Stallworth to be a camp body. If he still has the connection with Tom Brady, the Patriots just picked up their deep threat. If not, he can be cut without a second thought. Stallworth is far from the answer, but he presents just another possible piece of the puzzle as the Patriots try to collect outside receivers for Brady to throw to in order to spread the field.