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Jets, Patriots: Who's One-Upping Who?

Anyone else envision something similar to this conversation between Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan over the past few years?

BB: Hey Rex, I see your Revis and Cromartie and raise you a Gronk and a Hernandez.

Rex: #!@#! Bill, I see your two freaking unbelievable tight ends and raise you a new offensive coordinator and a Tim Tebow.

BB: Go @$%*! Rex. I just signed 9 wide receivers. Talk with you tomorrow.

Tim Tebow was introduced to the media this afternoon as a member of the New York Jets. This is merely the latest move by Rex Ryan in his quest to best the Patriots and claim the AFC East Division title on his way to the Super Bowl.

The hope in New York is that Tebow will help make their offense more versatile and much harder to defend. Ryan has coyly alluded to Tebow playing anywhere from 1-20 snaps per game while emphasizing how he is a 'multidimensional' football player above all else.

"Mark Sanchez is our No. 1 quarterback, Tim Tebow is our No. 2 quarterback, but he’s also going to do other things for this football team," Ryan said. "He is a football player, and that’s what I keep wanting to put out there. Let’s not just look at him as a quarterback. I look at him as a football player. Let’s not hear what guys can’t do — let’s talk about what they can do. I see a guy with a lot of ability, and we’re going to do that."

Do what exactly? Ryan is leaving that all up to the opposition's imagination. There's no doubt any move Rex makes is with 'beating the Patriots' in mind. If the presence of Tebow makes Bill Belichick lose a little more sleep and sweat a bit more profusely while putting his defensive game-plan together, then it's already a successful move - even before the coin flip.

The Patriots meanwhile have scooped up and signed every single affordable wide receiver available in free agency. All of them have potential to provide that one missing stretch-the-field link to the offense, which hummed along last year under the powerful engines of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. If that doesn't darken the bags under Rexy's eyes and put a quake in his boots I don't know what will.

So whose moves have one-upped whose so far this offseason?