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New England Patriots Links 3/27/12 - Kraft on Free Agency: Quality Depth Management

<em>Robert Kraft at the NFL owners meetings in Palm Beach, explained the Patriots strategy in free agency, for teams in it for the long haul</em>.
Robert Kraft at the NFL owners meetings in Palm Beach, explained the Patriots strategy in free agency, for teams in it for the long haul.

Shalise Manza Young highlights the Patriots-related topics touched on by Robert Kraft's meeting with reporters yesterday in Palm Beach.

On free agency and the Pats' generally waiting to sign players: I think every team has to do what they think is right. I think what you’re going to see over the next few years, is the market is going to be a different market. I think every team has to decide what’s in their best interests. When you’re the first one in the market place, you’re surely going to be paying top price. So, if that’s your need, then that’s the correct thing to do, but I think that we try to think long. We’re in the business for the long-term, we don’t plan on selling the franchise, we’d like to be competitive every year to try to make the playoffs. So, the only way you’re going to do that is to get quality depth management and have players have good values and you can only pay so many players top dollar and field a team that will be competitive.

Kirk Minihane explains why the Jets and Tim Tebow will be an absolute disaster and a train wreck.

If you’re a Jets fan, enjoy the embarrassing press conference on Monday. It will be the high point of the Tim Tebow Era in New York. And if you are a Patriots fan, enjoy watching the continuing destruction of a franchise that looked on the verge of being a very legitimate challenger just 14 months ago.

Because this is a team now on the verge of completely falling apart. No leadership, no consistent message and an aging defense equals 6-10 and goodbye to Rex.

But at least they’ll sell some shirts and dominate March.

Christopher Price posts some highlights of BenJarvus Green-Ellis' radio interview with ESPN 1530 in CIncinnati.

Can you talk about your emotions in the Super Bowl loss and the days following it? "It was a hard fought and competitive game that we just didn’t come out on top of. I congratulate the New York Football Giants on winning a Super Bowl this year and being a champion. I felt like they were the one team that were champions and there were 31 losers and we were one of them this year, but we worked hard to get to where we were and we just didn’t come away with everything we wanted. That’s the only one regret that I have in all my years in the league was this past season and not being able to bring home that Super Bowl to Mr. Kraft. I felt like that was one of the things to help ease his pain going through everything with his wife, so that was one of my only regrets about leaving New England and not bringing Mr. Kraft that Super Bowl this past season."