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New England Patriots Links 3/30/12 - Wanted: Rob Gronkowski

Christopher Price highlights Rob Gronkowski's Q&A with NFL Network.

On if he agrees with the argument that Super Bowl XLIV would have been different if he had been healthy: "Not necessarily. I was out there, I was giving everything I had and when you’re out there playing in the game, you’re accountable for your teammates, you’re accountable for your play. I was just out there giving 100 percent, everything I had and no excuses. That was the situation that happened. If I was healthy, it could have maybe gone a different way. If I was healthy, it could have gone a positive way, so you just never know that the outcome is. That was the situation; there is not even any point in thinking of what might have happened because that was the situation and there is no changing it from here on out."

On if he agrees with the argument that if he had been healthy then he would have been able to get to the Hail Mary at the end of the game: "Well, then you could also say if I was healthy we could have maybe been up then. If it would have been a whole different outcome throughout the whole game, [maybe] there would have been no Hail Mary. It’s just crazy situations. There are no excuses; the Giants are a great team and they have a great players. Just unfortunately that was the situation; that’s what you have to deal with, that’s what you have to play with. From here on out just trying to get healthy now to make sure I’m 100 percent coming into next season."

Mike Reiss notes Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. identified the Patriots as one of five teams that solidified a specific position on their rosters through free agency.

"How do you dramatically improve an already dominant passing offense? Well, you keep it together while adding the right parts to broaden what you can do. Right now, this Tom Brady-led offense looks almost unstoppable," Horton writes, adding that Brandon Lloyd "may be the guy the Patriots have been looking for to stretch the field and loosen up defenses."