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Patriots Free Agency Update: WR Brandon Lloyd "Very Interested" in Patriots

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For nearly three months, we have discussed the possibility of former Rams and Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd following his former head coach and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to the New England Patriots. The Patriots made a play for Lloyd back at the trade deadline, and since the end of the regular season, Lloyd has hinted he would be interested in joining the team.

Earlier today, we got the most concrete evidence yet that Lloyd would want to join the Patriots, as he claimed to be "very interested" in joining the team during an on-air interview with CSNNE reporter Tom Curran:

"Very interested. And like I said earlier, I admire Coach Bill (Belichick), I admire Tom Brady, I admire how they run things over there. For any receiver to be considered to come in and play on the New England Patriots is gonna be excited just because of the history of success"

Lloyd was then asked what would be the determining factor in him in his decision in free agency:

"Winning is definitely the highest priority. I've been in the league for 10 years now and I don't look at the NFL as a place where I can horde money and get as much as I can because it's the end of the world (at the end of his career)."

This really isn't anything too new, and we'll have to wait until March 13th to find out what happens with the situation (I do believe that if the Patriots are interested, they will move quickly). Nonetheless, it's nice to see Lloyd re-affirm his interest in joining the team. My money is on the deal going through, but in some ways, the match makes so much sense that it makes me think that it won't happen... if that makes sense.