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2012 NFL Draft: Previewing the Running Backs

We'll start the draft breakdown with the running back position. The Patriots may not be in the market for a top tier player, but definitely expect the team to bring in a player or two into the camp- and expect one to stick on the practice squad. Here's a list of the players we'll look at:

1. Trent Richardson, Alabama

2. Doug Martin, Boise State

3. David Wilson, Virginia Tech

4. Lamar Miller, Miami

5. Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati

Mention: Chris Polk, Washington; LaMichael James, Oregon; Bernard Pierce, Temple; Robert Turbin, Utah State

These nine running backs are expected to be off the board in the first three rounds and there are some promising players later in the draft. If the Patriots want to add to their stable, there's a very good chance that a solid prospect will be available as an undrafted free agent or as a late round pick.

Would you want the Patriots to draft another running back? Or should they just find a camp body? Or do you think they'll let Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead, and Shane Vereen play for the top of the rotation?