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New England Patriots Links 4/17/12 - Kyle Love Signs Tender; Vince Speaks at Hall

<em>Vince Wilfork says he'd take an interception over a sack any day</em>.
Vince Wilfork says he'd take an interception over a sack any day.

Karen Guregian highlights Vince Wilfork who was the featured speaker at the team's Hall Speaker Series last night, treating a packed house with his warmth, candor and sense of humor.

What part of the NFL he’d like to change if he could. "One thing I’d get rid of is the penalties, certain penalties," he said. "I can do without them. You have a guy that’s making $30 million a year (the quarterback), but you can’t touch him. C’mon, let’s be for real now. Me as a defensive lineman, it’s OK for somebody to hold me up, and another guy to come and chop my legs, and I can’t protect myself. I can do without that. That’s probably the main thing. Being able to hit a quarterback good. We need that. We need that back right there. "But you hurt the franchise of your team if you’re allowed to tee off on the quarterback. Cuz you know, quarterbacks are wimpy."

Who is his favorite lineman was to play against. "I think [Logan Mankins] is the best guard that’s playing football," Wilfork said. "He’s tough, he’s nasty, he’s everything in a lineman. I love practicing with him. It’s a good matchup. That’s what you’re looking for, especially in the middle of practice. If practice isn’t going a certain way, you go start something, or you go start a fight just to get a little spark, just to get the day jumping off. But I like those matchups."

Why he stopped trash talking, after being "bad" in college. "You play against guys you’ve played against all your career, it’s like a mutual respect. Plus with a lot of trash talking, you lose your breath. You get tired. I don’t waste my time. But if I have to, I can."

Alex Marvez (Fox Sports) Free agency report card: New England Patriots - Grade B.

Impact moves: Rather than signing "sure-thing" free agents at a loftier price, the Patriots went the bargain-basement route. Guard Robert Gallery, wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez and Bobby Carpenter are former first-round picks signed to modest deals. The Patriots spent a little more to add wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (St. Louis) and defensive end Jonathan Fanene (Cincinnati).

Significant losses: Defensive end Mark Anderson, who had a 10-sack season in 2011, shuffled off to Buffalo. The Patriots continue to avoid making a significant financial investment in running backs by letting leading rusher BenJarvus Green-Ellis leave to Cincinnati.

Top draft need: Forced to play with a patchwork secondary for most of last season, the Patriots could use a youth infusion at cornerback and safety.

Analysis: Although some Patriots fans would love splashier signings — particularly a pass-rusher — New England’s 27-5 regular-season record and Super Bowl appearance over the past two seasons is proof that Bill Belichick knows what he’s doing.


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