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New England Patriots Links 4/19/12 - Trading Down Still Best Draft Strategy For Pats?

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<em>Rob Gronkowski gave his boot the boot and is ready to go all-out cardio as soon as allowed</em>.
Rob Gronkowski gave his boot the boot and is ready to go all-out cardio as soon as allowed.

John Parolin (ESPN Stats & Information) Examining the Patriots' draft strategy.

New England's recent "strength in numbers" strategy in the top three rounds makes sense. Overall, the draft has proven largely to be a game of chance, and since Pioli left, New England has taken more chances through the first three rounds (16) than anyone in the league.

While the new salary scale makes New England more likely to pick in the first round, expect more of the same draft manipulation. More picks across the draft equals more chances to find successful players at good value. The Patriots currently have six picks in the first four rounds of next week's draft, but don't have a pick after that. Based on precedent, expect both of those stats to change.

Mike Rodak reports Rob Gronkowski took part in the 10th annual BTIG Commissions for Charity Day, and he caught up with reporters at the event.

His health after undergoing ankle surgery. "I'm just like day by day. I've been doing my upper-body workouts, my core workouts, for the last like six weeks, so that hasn't stopped. Whatever I can do, I'm going to be doing. ... If I can't do cardio right now, I'm just going to make up for it in a month or two, whenever I can start."

On his busy offseason. "I got my commitment book in my right pocket, I know what's going on, and I just like to go and hang out with everyone. Always working out, always grinding, and that's what I put first, my job always first, but I'm just chilling and when I'm bored at the house and someone calls me up, and it's a cool event, I'm there."