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NFL Notes: Alumni to Announce Draft Picks, Rosters Expanded to 90

Two league-related notes to pass along this Monday evening:

NFL Alumni to Announce Second and Third Round Picks

In 2011, the NFL had notable alumni from each NFL team announce that team's second and third round draft choices. They're going that route once again this season, as the league announced that 33 alumni from 32 NFL teams would be announcing the selections for day two of the 2012 NFL Draft. In 2011, the Patriots had Andre Tippett announce their second round picks. This year, receiver Troy Brown, who is in his first year eligible for the Patriots Hall of Fame, will be announcing the selections for New England.

NFL Expands Offseason Rosters to 90

If you're a guy like Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, you have got to love this news. This evening, the NFL announced that they will be expanding offseason rosters from 80 to 90 players. Teams will now have to reduce rosters to 80 following the third preseason game, and 53 following the final one. For the Patriots, it means that the team can bring in competition for training camp at spots the team might not have normally done so. For example, if the team seeks some competition for Danny Aiken at long snapper, there would be less consequences to using a roster spot on a player of that nature. The Patriots will also likely be able to sign a few extra rookie free agents than usual, especially when considering the fact that the team currently only has six draft picks.