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New England Patriots Links 4/25/12 - Devin McCourty's Position in 2012 May Affect Draft

<em>It's still unclear where we'll see Devin McCourty play this season, but it could make all the difference in the draft</em>.
It's still unclear where we'll see Devin McCourty play this season, but it could make all the difference in the draft.

Christopher Price tells us why Devin McCourty will have a big impact on how the Patriots approach the Draft.

McCourty won’t be in the war room, but the uncertainty as to how he’ll be used in 2012 will play a sizable role in how the Patriots approach this week’s NFL draft. If they decide to make McCourty a full-time corner again, New England will likely extend itself in an attempt to nab one of the three safeties who are rated at the top of the board in hopes of building depth at a spot where they were thin last year. And if they want to keep him at safety, that will likely mean they’ll turn their attention to other areas of need, like pass rusher or interior offensive lineman. ...

... So what does that mean for the New England secondary in 2012? McCourty’s versatility gives the Patriots another option when it comes to mixing and matching their defensive backs. Bill Belichick has always preached flexibility, and that’s certainly the case in the secondary -- McCourty and Sterling Moore have played both safety and corner, and Matt Slater and Julian Edelman have also worked as defensive backs.

Mike Rodak highlights CB Will Allen's meeting with the media Tuesday morning at Gillette.

Offseason program. "It's been great. The past week and a half, just the kind of workouts that these guys are doing, it's just impressive. It just reminds you of college, and what it's about as far as trying to get in shape to play at the level you need to play at this game. I think [head strength and conditioning] coach Herold [Nash] does an excellent job. He's been kicking my butt for the past week and half, so I'm excited about that." ...

Tom E. Curran says Andre Carter's future with the Patriots is murky, but he's still rehabbing vigorously and holding out hope.

"I could not have enjoyed that season any more than I did," said Carter, who'll be 33 on May 12. "I was working with guys who just love the game of football, the Patriots organization does things the right way, the city was awesome - people wanted to know the players whether they were stars or not. It was such an amazing experience I'd love to experience it again."