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Patriots Rookie Free Agents: USF OG Jeremiah Warren

The Patriots have made their first undrafted rookie free agent signing of the year. According to Tom Curran of CSNNE, the New England Patriots have signed South Florida guard Jeremiah Warren.

This is a pretty solid signing for the Patriots, as Warren had late draftable value. At 6'3" and 324 lbs, Warren is stocky and strong but also has incredibly long arms and big hands which add to his physicality. While he can be a bit raw in his technique and isn't the most flexible as a blocker, Warren certainly has value as a reserve interior lineman and short area blocker that has the potential to compete for a roster spot or practice squad spot for the Patriots.

Find a scouting report on Warren after the jump!

Here's a scouting report on Warren from the National Football Post:

A thick, well-put together offensive lineman with a long set of arms and thick lower half which carries his weight well. Exhibits the flexibility to sit into his stance off the line in the run game. He possesses only an average first step off the ball and at times tends to pop upright a bit into contact, allowing defenders to get under him. Is a naturally strong kid who works his hands well and gains leverage, but doesn't exhibit a great initial burst off the ball in order to overwhelm at the point on contact. However, he's a stick player with heavy hands and he can stay on blocks through the play, working his legs and eventually getting a slight push off the ball. However, with some improvement in his pad level off the snap, he can mature into a better run blocker in line. Exhibits good initial quickness off his frame for his size and isn't overly rangy in space, but exhibits good body control, breaks down well and routinely can get into his target.

Has experience at both left tackle and guard. He exhibits a good initial quickness off the ball with the range to reach tackles trying to fire off his frame. He sits into his stance well, keeps his pad level down into contact and exhibits good anchor strength. Isn't a real compact puncher and his initial hand placement is poor, but he extends his arms well, keeping lineman from getting into his frame, and he works hard to reset hands and gain inside leverage. Is a tough guy to disengage from once he gets his hands on you, and exhibits good lateral fluidity and shuffle-and-slide ability through contact and in space. However, he sometimes has a tendency to stop moving his feet. He demonstrates the recovery quickness to stay engage and push his man past the quarterback, but gives up too much penetration for someone with his skill set because of not moving his feet. Can hold his own in space, he looks natural pulling and picking up blitzing backers or unblocked lineman, and is patient into contact, anchoring and controlling blocks well through the play.