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New England Patriots Links 4/03/12 - Spikes Gives a C, Gets an A From Local Kids

<em>Brandon Spikes has a loyal following of fans, but Joe Flacco - whose pass Spikes intercepted above - probably isn't one of them</em>.
Brandon Spikes has a loyal following of fans, but Joe Flacco - whose pass Spikes intercepted above - probably isn't one of them.

Karen Guregian reports Brandon Spikes saved the day for several local kids who wanted to get into his autograph session but didn't have enough money to get in.

It seems four local kids didn’t know how costly it was going to be to get into the autograph session at Shriner’s auditorium in Wilmington yesterday, which featured not only Spikes, but several other past and present greats from football and baseball. The boys didn’t bring enough cash to get in. No worries. The guy with the long dreads in the green Porshe, came to the rescue. Newton actually tweeted his tale of woe from outside the auditorium, and Spikes, a noted tweeter himself, found them, and promptly produced a C-note for the group.

"He’s our favorite player. We came just for him," Newton told me. "He handed us a hundred dollar bill so we got in, and that paid for our autographs and everything. What a great guy. I didn’t realize how giving he was, how generous. I mean, this was awesome. My friends were so excited. This was the best thing that ever happened to me, I think."

Spikes got a kick out of it, too, seeing the joy he put on the kids’ faces. "I seen them at the end of the road. I said, ‘what you all doing? They said, we can’t get in. We don’t have any money to get in.’ I didn’t know they were charging. But it was cool," Spikes said. "It was fun. I saw big smiles. They followed me up the street. I wanted to do something for them."

The Herald Inside Track scoops on the new Nike uniforms...

That barring any last-minute changes, Wes Welker will be in NYC today to model the New England Patriots new uniforms for next season. In case you don’t know, Nike took over making the threads for the 32 NFL teams from Reebok. The swoosh peeps are unveiling their take on every team’s threads in a converted warehouse in Brooklyn. Word is, the Pats players haven’t seen their new unis yet, but don’t expect any radical changes.