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Nike Unveils New Patriots Uniform

This morning, Nike unveiled the new set of NFL Uniforms as part of their "Elite 51" series. In 2010, some really wacky re-designs hit the web. Those turned out to be fakes. The new Nike uniforms aren't really all that dramatically different, especially from a Patriots perspective. In fact, the team with the most dramatic re-design was the Seattle Seahawks... but it was known heading into today's event that they would be making dramatic changes. So without further ado, the new uniforms:

And the Patriots unis:

The Patriots have apparently opted to stick with the traditional collars, while some of the other NFL teams have "modern" collars which I don't find too appealing. Overall, the biggest difference in these uniforms is the material and technology, not the appearance (although I think that will change over the coming years).

The new jerseys will be available for pre-sale on April 15th, and will be on sale April 26th and 27th.

UPDATE: Here's a better look at Wes Welker modeling the new Patriots uniform: