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Patriots Rookie Free Agents: Matt Roark, WR, Kentucky

The Patriots continue to bring in players and have moved to grab WR Matt Roark, formerly of Kentucky. Roark stands at 6'5, 225 lbs and runs a 4.7 40 yard dash. While his 7.03 3 cone is impressive, his 9'7 broad jump, 30 inch vertical, and 4.39 shuttle leaves something to be desired. Roark has knowledge of one of the current Patriots under contract, having played with depth quarterback Mike Hartline at Kentucky. Off the field, Roark was tagged with a DUI in 2010.

He is best known for leading Kentucky to its first win over Tennessee in 26 tries- a game where he played quarterback. His production isn't great, but he has plenty of special teams value. Through his career, he blocked 7 kicks (6 extra points, 1 field goal) and has been a contributor as part of the kick coverage unit. Additionally, Roark played free safety in high school, so while he will most likely not be on defense in the NFL, who knows what tricks Bill Belichick has up his sleeves.

Where will Roark fit on the roster? He doesn't have the production to make me believe that he will be an impact receiver. He does have plenty of value as the Patriots try to find special teams players and, who knows, maybe Roark can be one of the last players to make the team.