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NFL Announces 2012 Preseason Schedule

The NFL has announced the 2012 preseason schedule. The New England Patriots will be featured on national television once during their four game slate, with an ESPN Monday Night Football game on August 20th at home against the Philadelphia Eagles at 8:00 PM ET. So without further ado, the Patriots' full preseason schedule:

Week 1 (August 9th - 13th): New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots

Week 2 (August 20th at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN): Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

Week 3 (August 23rd - 26th): New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 4 (August 29th - 30th): New England Patriots at New York Giants

Of those four games, weeks one, two, and four immediately pop out. In 2010, the Patriots held joint practices with the New Orleans Saints in the lead-up to the preseason opener. Although Bill Belichick's buddy Sean Payton is suspended for the 2012 season, perhaps the teams can re-visit that. A visit from Andy Reid's Eagles could also present that opportunity. And obviously, the team's week four match-up against the New York Giants, although essentially a yearly tradition, is bound to get some Super Bowl XLVI re-match storylines.

What are your thoughts on the Patriots' 2012 preseason schedule?