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Redskins Release WR Jabar Gaffney

This isn't technically Patriots news, but it totally is. Jason Cole reports that the Washington Redskins have released wide receiver Jabar Gaffney. Gaffney became expendable due to all of the off-season signings by the Redskins.

Gaffney is a 31 year old, 6'2, 200 lbs receiver who has been consistently productive his career. This past season he caught 68 passes for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns. He spent three seasons with the Patriots (2006-2008) and became one of the Patriots' best #3 receivers of the Bill Belichick era. In 2007 and 2008, he caught 35+ for 450+ yards.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has praised Gaffney's play:

He’s just one of those guys that, from the day we got him here, he was just so reliable and dependable because he knew what to do and he did it well. You gain a lot of trust from the quarterback when all those things matchup. I was bummed when he went to Denver and I was bummed when he went to Washington and here we are playing them.

Gaffney could make a Deion Branch-like return to bolster the Patriots receiving corps. It's extremely difficult to find receivers who can fit into the Patriots offense and Gaffney has proven that he can succeed. Don't be surprised if the Patriots make a move to bring Gaffney back into the fold.

Looking at the roster, Gaffney could fight for one of the receiver spots.


Wes Welker

Brandon Lloyd

Matthew Slater


Deion Branch

Julian Edelman

Chad Ochocinco

Donte Stallworth

Tiquan Underwood

Anthony Gonzalez

Jeremy Ebert

Britt Davis

Matt Roark

With only three locks on the roster (and one of the a potential lock-out candidate), Gaffney would most likely have to be in the top three of the roster bubble to make the team. I believe that Gaffney could be an alternative to Deion Branch or could beat Ochocinco for a position. Stallworth is a player who, like Gaffney, has chemistry with Brady so his off-season will be one to watch.

Do you think Gaffney should come back? Could he even make the roster?