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New England Patriots Links 5/11/12 - Robert Gallery Just Wants to Win

<em>OL Robert Gallery says his goal was to be a Patriot because, after 8 years, he wants to play for a winning organization that does things right</em>.
OL Robert Gallery says his goal was to be a Patriot because, after 8 years, he wants to play for a winning organization that does things right.

Tom E. Curran notes Veteran OL Robert Gallery has never played for a team with an over-.500 record in the NFL.

"I knew a lot about this place when I was in college [at Iowa] with Coach [Kirk] Ferentz and his relationship [with Bill Belichick]," explained Gallery, the second overall pick in the 2004 draft. "It's a place that's run right and the tradition's right and they're all about winning. Going through eight years of never having a winning season, that's something you really covet when you get to this point, so that's why I'm here."

"This was an easy decision," said Gallery, a player that the Patriots' organization thought very highly of since he was in college. "We heard from these guys first and it was a fast decision for me because this has been a goal for a while and obviously when they reached out it was a done deal after we talked about it.

'It was a good fit for both of us, I was excited when I got the call. It's a place I've known about since college and that I've always wanted to be a part of and it worked out.

"[Winning] is one of the big reasons that I came here because we've never had a winning season in my eight years and obviously that's why you play this game and that's a very big part of my deciding to come here."

Christopher Price reports Paul Haynes, who worked with Jake Bequette at Arkansas, says Patriots will love his versatility and maturity.

"He does have that flexibility the Patriots love," said Haynes, who also served as a collegiate coach for the Patriots’ sixth-round pick Nate Ebner at Ohio State before he left for the Razorbacks.

"He can play over a tight end — he’s big and physical enough to do that, but he’s also athletic enough to drop into coverage. Jake is a big body that’s athletic," Haynes said. "Whatever the Patriots want to do make him and mold him into, you can do those things with him. You can move him inside. You can move him outside. You can do whatever."

"He made the transition [to the new coaching staff] really easy for me. It could have been really different, especially with those guys who were seniors, but what he did to make things easier was incredible," Haynes said of Bequette. "I’ve always thought that because of everything he brings, including his leadership qualities, he’s going to be successful, even if he didn’t play football.

"There are guys you like to coach, who give you reasons to keep showing up in the office, even when you do want to," he added. "Jake is one of those guys. He will do what you tell him to do. You don’t have to worry about him when he leaves the facility. He’ll be a great player and a great teammate in New England."