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Saturday Morning Coffee: Which Rookie Are You Most Excited About?


With the Celtics and Red Sox not playing until later today, it appears that this Saturday morning should be used for some football talk! Thus, I introduce to you the first ever "Saturday Morning Coffee", a weekly discussion question that will be up every Saturday morning about various offseason topics.

This week's topic is all about the rookies, as they began their first minicamp at Dana Farber Field House at Gillette Stadium on Friday afternoon. Those who highlighted the first ever organized rookie gathering were prized first round picks Chandler Jones and Dont'a Hightower, and the highly questioned-second round choice Tavon Wilson. Those three were joined by five other draftees, along with seven URFA that team signed.

For the fans, this is an early stage in the long process we take to evaluate players. We'll begin to see if these guys can really live up to their reputations that got them here, and progress towards the next level in order to help the Patriots progress as a team.

While the obvious three intriguing players coming into this are Jones, Hightower and Wilson; there are other players that are worth receiving some hype. Here is the full list of rookies in camp this weekend:

Vote on the Patriots rookie that you are most excited about, After the jump!

2012 New England Patriots Rookie Players

*Note: Zusevics is likely to start the season on PUP or IR

So what say you, Pats Pulpit? Which of these rookies is starting to get you excited about football in the fall? One of the first rounders? A later round pick? Or, even one of the UDFA's? Share your thoughts on why you chose your particular player in the comment section!