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Tom Brady Worked With MLB Pitching Coach In March

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After the sudden passing of longtime mentor and friend Tom Martinez, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had to try and seek a new personal coach during his offseason training. Instead of looking for someone with a football background to work him, he's turned to the sport of baseball, instead.

According to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle, Brady was one of many NFL quarterbacks that have confided in Tom House, a former Major League Baseball pitcher in order to improve their throwing mechanics. Brady, along with Alex Smith, Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer worked out with House. Here's an exert from the article, which was primarily on Smith's visit to House:

A former major-league pitcher with a doctorate in sports psychology, House, 65, is best known as a professorial pitching coach who has counseled legends such as Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson. His expertise on the science of throwing led him to start working with NFL quarterbacks about a decade ago, and his pupils have included New England's Tom Brady and New Orleans' Drew Brees.

On the recommendation of Brees, Smith spent a week with House in late March at the Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute at USC along with Brady, Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer and the Chiefs' Matt Cassel.