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New England Patriots Links 5/14/12 - Tom Brady: There's No Entitlement Around Coach Belichick

<em>Tom Brady still feels like he has to make the team every preseason</em>.
Tom Brady still feels like he has to make the team every preseason.

Peter King reports Tom Brady knows how fragile an NFL career is and takes nothing for granted - not even his starting position as QB of the New England Patriots.

"Well,'' Brady said Thursday afternoon, trying to figure out what [the retirement of Matt Light] meant but not sounding at all surprised about it, "Matt called me a while ago and told me what he was planning to do, and I've called him every week since then trying to talk him out of it. He had such a great year for us. But there was no way I was going to be able to talk him out of it. He'll be a tough player to replace. But, you know, every year in this game, there's a lot of change.''

"My wife [Gisele Bundchen] said to me, 'When I met you [in 2006], you said you wanted to play 10 more years. How come that number never goes down?' It's that I love the game. I love the game. I'm going to play until they tell me they don't want me anymore.''

"I just met with coach Belichick this morning,'' Brady said. "I still feel like I'm in my first year trying to prove myself. There's no entitlement around coach Belichick. I've got to be the best guy for him to keep playing me. When I'm not, someone else will play.''

Kevin McNamara reports DE Markell Carter is ready to build on his practice squad experience from last year.

"I’m 22, so the rookies are as old as me, but I guess I’m older," Carter said with a laugh. "I learned a lot (last year). Just how to be professional, the Patriot way, how to handle myself. The time with the practice squad helped me develop as a player and just as a man."

Carter is yet another in what has become a deep pool of young, pass-rushing linebackers on the roster. The former Central Arkansas product knew the Pats had him in their plans last December when the team chose to double his practice squad salary from $149,000 to $300,000 when he resisted the chance to move to another team. He was regarded as one of the leading players on the practice squad all season, but was never promoted to the active squad.

"There was no bitterness that I was unable to play," he said. "Bill’s a great coach, so whenever he says I’m ready, I’m ready. Obviously the pay raise shows that they’re interested in you. Whenever your boss gives you a raise, you’re going to feel good about yourself." "You have a lot of young, fresh legs running around out there, a lot of eagerness out there," he said. "We all want to prove ourselves and build on what some of the older guys did last year."