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Patriots Announce Signing of Tavon Wilson; Release Mike Hartline

The Patriots have started to move with their younger players and announced the signing of Tavon Wilson and the release of Mike Hartline. Hopefully they can continue to fine-tune the roster as the off-season gets into full swing.

Wilson was selected in the second round, 48th overall, and was considered a shock to most draftniks. While he was a long term starter and a quality player in his conference, he didn't receive recognition in the post-college process and was not invited to the combine or other activities. Still, Bill Belichick and the Patriots thought he deserved to be drafted and jumped at the chance to take him. The contract is 4 years, $4.217 million, with a $1.507 million signing bonus. The first two years of his contract is guaranteed, while the final two are not. As is typical with top round picks, unless Wilson is devastatingly bad, he's assured to be around for at least two seasons.

Hartline was expected to be a camp body and his release gives the Patriots space to sign another team's castoffs.