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New England Patriots Links 5/16/12 - Wes Welker: The Least Entitled Man in the World

<em>Donte Stallworth #19 of the Redskins makes a TD catch against the Cowboys.</em>
Donte Stallworth #19 of the Redskins makes a TD catch against the Cowboys.

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I signed my tender today. I love the game and I love my teammates! Hopefully doing the right thing gets the right results. #leapoffaith

Mark Daniels notes Donte Stallworth considers himself a changed man. Stallworth felt 'surreal' stepping back in Gillette Stadium.

"I’m a lot more mature now than I was then. I feel like I’m playing better. I’m in a better place, mentally, physically," Stallworth said. "I just felt like at that time I was trying to mature and grow into a professional athlete. I feel like I’m a lot further down the road than I was last time."

He says he returns to the Patriots a different player, now understanding the game and running better routes. And he’ll need every advantage he can get, joining a loaded receiving group that added Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney [stats] and Anthony Gonzalez to the returning Wes Welker, Deion Branch and Chad Ochocinco. Competition is nothing new to Stallworth, who’s played on six different teams in his last six NFL seasons.

"I think you just come to the reality that basically you have one shot to prove yourself," said Stallworth. "And then whatever happens after that is really up to me and my performance."