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New England Patriots Links 5/21/12 - OTAs Begin Today; Dennard's Former Coaches Have His Back

<em>7th-round Draft pick Alfonzo Dennard has the solid backing of his former coaches</em>.
7th-round Draft pick Alfonzo Dennard has the solid backing of his former coaches.

Field Yates reports former coaches of Patriots draft pick Alfonzo Dennard are willing to stake their reputations on his character, despite his arrest.

"That isn't who he is, that's never been who he is, and that's not going to be who he is in the future," Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said. "And I put my reputation, and I put everything I stand for as a football coach behind that young man.

"He is a tremendous young man, and one who you want not only representing you as a football player, but the type of kid you want in your community, the type of kid you want representing your organization," Pelini continued.

"For four years, I didn't have a problem with that young man in any way. He did things exactly how we asked him to do them here, and the way we handle our kids, we don't make it easy on the kids in our program. We hold them to high standards every single day."

"We had some young [defensive backs] on our football team last year, and he was kind of the veteran guy, and I told them all, 'You just follow what Alfonzo does and you'll be fine. You just follow his lead and you do as he does.' He prepares the right way. He handles himself on the field and off the field the right way."

Karen Guregian notes Wes Welker hit on the importance of Tom Brady having trust in all of his weapons.

"You can have all the ability in the world in our offense," said Welker, "if you’re not where Tom wants you to be, it’s just not going to work. Ultimately, we all work together. It’s everybody being in the right spots, and the right spacing, at the right times. That opens everybody up, so when everybody’s doing that, there’s that trust out there.

"You know this guy’s going to be in the right spot. And this guy’s going to be in the right spot. And from there, Tom can just make his decisions and not worry about a guy being in the wrong spot, or not being there, or there, or there.," Welker went on. "It just makes things so much easier. It makes the offense flow so much better when everyone is where they’re supposed to be."