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New England Patriots Links 5/29/12 - Belichick's Defense Oozing With Options

<em>Patrick Chung helps Miles Austin with his ball-fumbling skills last season in Dallas</em>.
Patrick Chung helps Miles Austin with his ball-fumbling skills last season in Dallas.

Christopher Price tells us Bill Belichick will head into the 2012 season with the most schematically diverse secondary of his coaching career.

While Belichick has worked with some versatile defensive backs over the years, currently on the New England roster, he has more multifaceted DB’s than ever. Sterling Moore played both defensive back positions before settling in at corner last season as a rookie. After entering the league as a corner in 2010 and landing a second-team All-Pro berth as a rookie, Devin McCourty started the 2011 season at corner and struggled before spending large chunks of time at free safety in the regular-season finale and in the postseason.

And this offseason, the Patriots acquired three versatile defensive backs: Free-agent pickup Steve Gregory played several positions in college and with the Chargers, while second-round pick Tavon Wilson did the same as a collegian at Illinois. And while veteran free agent Will Allen is more of a straight corner -- he’s got great numbers in the slot over the last few seasons -- he’s displayed enough versatility at that spot to make him attractive to the Patriots on a number of levels.

All this doesn’t even include safety Pat Chung, who has frequently played the "star" position, which requires a safety to frequently come down into the box and act as a corner against slot receivers and tight ends. (Corner Kyle Arrington has also shown an ability to work at the same position, as well on the outside.) ...